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Q&A: Gundog Vet

My dog has suddenly developed a lump. Should I be worried? Amira says: Many dogs develop masses, especially as they get older. The list of differential diagnosis is vast, but broadly speaking they can be classed as benign (harmless) or

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Q&A: Gundog Trainer

I have a young Springer spaniel that is reluctant to go into water. She will often refuse to retrieve any dummy that I throw out for her. What can I do to encourage her as I want to use her for

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Q&A: Shotgun Technique

I’ve got some experience stuffing (loading single guns) on a driven grouse shoot, but this season I’ve been asked to load double guns. What should I expect and how do I synchronise loading two guns? Nick says: When double gunning

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Q&A: Pigeon Shooting

When shooting over a large field, how can you ensure the birds stay off the field during still conditions? Geoff says: You’ve got to weigh the situation up. If you’re in a big field, with pigeons dropping into the end

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Bag More Pigeons: Four Easy Steps

Pigeon shooting guru Geoff Garrod reveals his tried and tested field expertise for beginners Starting out in pigeon shooting can be a daunting endeavour. It takes skill, patience and good local knowledge, and even with that useful trio, you can

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Expert Advice: Points for Pigeons

Honesberie Shooting School’s Nick Hollick looks at technique when tackling wily woodies The most important thing to remember with pigeons is that they love to fly into wind. They don’t like coming into land with the wind going into their behind because it blows

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Andrew’s masterclass

Keep it light this spring with Andrew McLeish’s warm wood pigeon, walnut and celeriac salad with Parma ham. If you have pigeon breasting (as shown by Simon Everett in iShoot issue 3) down to a tee, this recipe is a perfect

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Cover crop establishment

Clive Wood takes some lessons from last year’s cover crops to advise on how to get your game cover well established this year. Kings has increased the amount of time we spend on trial work, research and development to provide

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At the root of the problem

Clive Wood offers a word of warning on how to avoid mysterious cover crop problems in the coming year. In the majority of cases, game crops need to remain in the same place each year, more often than not because

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Salmonella in ducks

Expert vet Alan Pearson examines how to minimise the risk of Salmonella when it comes to duck rearing methods Ducks have been kept for eggs and hunted for meat for many thousands of years and there is a long association

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