Dogs for Deer

Weimaraner deer dog_resultThis month, we’re taking a look at a DVD from the Gamekeeper’s Diary series, showing some traditional methods used for training dogs for deer stalking.

With the UK deer population expanding, and deerstalking becoming part of the remit of an ever-increasing number of gamekeepers and countryside managers, tracking dogs are likewise finding themselves with an increasing amount of work to do.

This DVD follows gamekeeper Geoff Garrod, ex-gamekeeper, big game hunter and iShoot’s very own editor Peter Carr, and professional hunter Patrick Rath. An ideal introduction for those wanting to train their dog to specialist deer tracking work, this film covers a young hound’s introduction to deer tracking and the start of its specialised training. You can follow the methods shown once your dog has achieved a basic standard of learned commands; sit, stay, heel, and recall.

A freshly-shot muntjac is the first study for the young animal, as blood is collected and a trail laid for the hound to follow to the ‘prize’ at the end – the muntjac itself. Pete demonstrates the alternative ‘scent shoe’ method of laying a trail, and a real-life tracking situation requires those involved to test their dog’s training on a trail no-one knows the end of: a true test of that the dog has learned in practice.

Delivered in a simple, easy-to-follow manner, it aims to provide anyone with an interest in training dogs and deerstalking with a taste of developing a specialised stalking companion.

02_dogsfordeer-final_resultDogs for Deer

Produced by: Gamekeeper’s Diary

SRP: £25

Sporting Rifle Price: £20

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