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It isn’t just driven grouse shots that benefit from shooting glasses; keen eyesight and a clear sight picture will pay dividends in the pigeon hide, on the gun peg, or walking up

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out when kicking off the season, so do not scrimp when it comes to shooting glasses. Most of us will not be lording it in the butts, but walking the moor instead and should still consider using suitable eyewear. Conventional driven grouse shooting, whatever the method, dictates a certain gentleman’s code, a combination of sporting conduct and age-old tradition – but that doesn’t mean you should turn your back on the latest technological advancements. Driven grouse shooting is tricky at the best of times, so why run the gauntlet? Shooting glasses will improve your performance exponentially, but they’ll also protect your eyes if some idiot deals you a cruel hand. Even the most careful shooter still has to rely on the other guns to be safe company. Any safety indiscretion could spell disaster, and it only takes one pellet to lose an eye. Shooting always demands your complete concentration; it goes without saying, you must shoot within the safety frames, don’t pick your neighbour’s birds and do not swing through the line. When walking up your birds beware of tripping, and remember, muzzle awareness is key whatever the activity. Ensure you do your utmost to protect your valuable eyesight this season. A good pair of frames and lenses could be the difference between your best season and your last. Walked-up shooting and rough shooting require the same amount of forethought as driven. Whether you are wildfowling on the foreshore or tackling ptarmigan on the high tops, keep yourself safe and give yourself the best advantage.


With the health and safety warning out of the way, we can focus on why a good pair of glasses will transform your shooting. Many shooters opt for a variety of coloured lenses for game shooting, but it’s important to know which lens will suit your style of shooting best and, more importantly, which will suit your individual sight. Each person’s eye will respond differently to certain shades within the colour spectrum, while different lenses are needed for different weather conditions. Now, all these considerations may end up driving you to buy several different coloured lenses for one set of frames, but that’s not always necessary. Take a look at our handy guide overleaf to find out what colour lenses will be most helpful for you in the field.

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Featuring thin wrap-around stems that lightly cling to your ear all day long, the durable design has an adjustable nose bridge that can be set at four different heights. All lenses have an anti-mist and anti-scratch layer as standard, and are made from UV protected polycarbonate. All lenses are available for various prescription requirements, and can be made to measure in their in-house laboratory.

Prescription glasses from £179.95

Non-prescription glasses from £154.95

Optilabs 02086 865708

Jack Pyke

Jack Pyke


Made using shatter-proof polycarbonate, scratch-resistant lenses, these glasses can also make use of an optical insert, but there is also the benefit of a changeable nose piece for better comfort. The lenses come in three colours, smoke, clear and yellow, and the frame comes in a hard-sided carry case and features a Neoprene headband to ensure stability during recoil.

RRP: £29.95

Jack Pyke 01234 740327


X Pro

X Pro


After consulting extensively with coaches and shooters, these popular frameless glasses were developed as the result of market research. Four coloured lenses come in the hardcase set, which boast 2mm optical grade polycarbonate as specified by US military specifications. Each piece is easily removed for a quick lens change, but they stand the test of time and market trials.

RRP: £40

Top Gun 08453 708903

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