GUNDOG TRAINER: Canine etiquette

Pete Carr shows you how to take the next step in training your gundog by introducing heelwork and dog box training There are two schools of thought regarding heelwork with a young gundog. Some trainers prefer their dogs not to

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TECHNIQUE: Pigeon shooting technique

The most important thing to remember with pigeons is that they love to fly into wind. They don’t like coming into land with the wind going into their behind because it blows their feathers up, so you need to assess

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Generally speaking

The GWCT shows how research and advice interacts to deliver conservation policy. Here Mike Swan, the GWCT’s head of education, explains the trust’s involvement with General Licences The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s research has shown the effect of predatory

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Inland duck flighting: Four easy steps

Editor Pete Carr reveals how any small neglected pond or flood can be turned into a productive flight pond Flighting duck on inland ponds and splashes cannot really be called wildfowling proper; in essence it would be better called tame

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SCOTLAND: Seeing the wood for the trees

Alex Stoddart takes time out from work to reflect on the beauty of our sport and avoid getting bogged down in the details The gunmaker’s tent was a sanctuary of assorted tartan, realtree, tweed, rich walnut and fine steel. Moving

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Q&A: Vermin

I want to make my own fox snares but am unclear which snare eyes are legal to use. John says: The snare eye is the sliding part of the mechanism, which forms the noose and moves along the wire when the

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Soapbox stuff

David Barrington Barnes raises his voice to critique the firearms licensing system and its implementation Some decades ago, the relationship between government and judiciary was simple: parliament made the laws and the judges interpreted them. It was a simple approach,

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Gun Rack: to restore or not to restore?

A Thomas Stensby side-by-side turns up at the bargain end of the gun rack, but is it all it seems? Richard Atkins looks it over The classic side-by-side shotgun has been the mainstay for field and game shooters for the last

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WALES: Woodcock wonders

Roger Williams compares Welsh woodcock preferences to those across the Atlantic pond Sitting in my office is my first woodcock; it’s on the filing cabinet next to a snipe taken at Slebech. I have been addicted since that first bird.

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Feathers in the Wind

Geoff Garrod has four ‘go to’ decoy patterns for you to try, depending on wind direction and hide set-up… Let’s talk about decoy patterns; it’s more important than ever now the weather is starting to stir up the fields that you

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