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September Stubble

The grouse season may have begun – but for
most of us mere mortals game shooting starts
with partridge. Don Brunt looks forward to September and gives his expert advice on how best to take this uniquely challenging game

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TECHNIQUE: Pigeon shooting technique

The most important thing to remember with pigeons is that they love to fly into wind. They don’t like coming into land with the wind going into their behind because it blows their feathers up, so you need to assess

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Inland duck flighting: Four easy steps

Editor Pete Carr reveals how any small neglected pond or flood can be turned into a productive flight pond Flighting duck on inland ponds and splashes cannot really be called wildfowling proper; in essence it would be better called tame

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Feathers in the Wind

Geoff Garrod has four ‘go to’ decoy patterns for you to try, depending on wind direction and hide set-up… Let’s talk about decoy patterns; it’s more important than ever now the weather is starting to stir up the fields that you

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Affordable grouse shooting

Flynn Michaels’ experience of grouse shooting over dogs is a much more cost-effective method compared with the bells and whistles of driven grouse Grouse shooting over pointers is a subtle form of hunting. There are no groups of gung-ho hot

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Bale-hide pigeons with Geoff Garrod

Geoff Garrod has made no secret of his affinity with the Eley Hawk brand, and today he’s out with Eley’s Andy Norris to protect a rape crop, writes James Marchington Essex gamekeeper Geoff Garrod has been planning today’s assault on

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Spotlight on… Snipe

Editor Pete Carr looks at the methods, equipment and areas involved in the pursuit of this diminutive and elusive wader found in bog and marsh The tiny snipe makes up for its lack in stature with the sport it always

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Giving thanks in the USA

Ian Harford takes a trip across the Atlantic to hunt Eastern turkeys in Georgia. I got my first taste of a sport that is sure to become an obsession during a recent visit to see Realtree at their Head Office

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Serbian quail

Renowned shot Mike Yardley likes nothing better than the pursuit of quail in all corners of the globe wherever this diminutive but remarkable game bird abounds. I have shot quail primarily in two countries – the USA and Serbia. They

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Wild sport high on the hills

Charles Bull realises a childhood dream when he goes in search of ptarmigan on the rocky hilltops of Aberdeenshire. As a small boy with aspirations of a fieldsports nature, it was one of my ambitions to venture into the hills

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