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TECHNIQUE: Pigeon shooting technique

The most important thing to remember with pigeons is that they love to fly into wind. They don’t like coming into land with the wind going into their behind because it blows their feathers up, so you need to assess

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Generally speaking

The GWCT shows how research and advice interacts to deliver conservation policy. Here Mike Swan, the GWCT’s head of education, explains the trust’s involvement with General Licences The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s research has shown the effect of predatory

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Bale-hide pigeons with Geoff Garrod

Geoff Garrod has made no secret of his affinity with the Eley Hawk brand, and today he’s out with Eley’s Andy Norris to protect a rape crop, writes James Marchington Essex gamekeeper Geoff Garrod has been planning today’s assault on

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New Course Allows Gamekeepers to Continue Using Rodenticides

A new one-day course will allow gamekeepers to go on controlling rats using professional rodenticides after a Health and Safety Executive deadline of 1 July 2016. Representative bodies for shooting and gamekeeping – the British Association for Shooting and Conservation

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Fenn trap alternatives

Ian Woods takes a look at more modern methods of tunnel trapping than the old-favourite the Fenn trap. With spring on the way and the shooting season already a distant memory, it’s time to start all over again, and that

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There’s something eating my fish

John Bryan looks at the most common predators of valuable fish stocks, and what can be done about them. We quite often get a phone call or email along the lines of “There’s something eating my fish! What is it?

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Farmyard forays

Farms provide food and shelter for feathered pests when the weather turns cold. Mat Manning has the best advice if you’re hoping to clear those birds from the farm After the arrival of autumn, farmyard pest control tends to go

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Turn up the heat

Robert Bucknell gets his first taste of foxing with a thermal imaging unit – can he get the hang of it in time to account for his quarry? New technology seems to arrive at an ever-increasing pace, and many foxshooters

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Best of both

Nigel Allen sums up your options for rabbit control and takes his AirWolf head to head with the rimfire. A couple of summers ago, I was invited down to Somerset: my challenge (as it turned out) was to have some

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Triple team

Ian Woods shares the best methods of enticing vermin into your traps, using bait, lure and urine The use of bait, lure and urine in the UK for trapping and snaring is limited, unlike our friends in the USA and

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