Orkney onslaught

Between gale-force winds, blizzards and driving rain, James Marchington and Gary Green catch some extreme wildfowling opportunities on Orkney We are on Orkney, a remarkable group of islands 10 miles off the northern tip of Scotland. The isles have strong

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Species spotlight: Grouse and ptarmigan

The hardiest of all British game birds must be the ptarmigan. Scratching a bleak existence from the lichen lined, granite cathedrals of the Scottish Highlands, this bird’s survival through the seasons is nothing short of miraculous. During the short summer

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Spotlight on… Snipe

Editor Pete Carr looks at the methods, equipment and areas involved in the pursuit of this diminutive and elusive wader found in bog and marsh The tiny snipe makes up for its lack in stature with the sport it always

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Taking a punt

Irish wildfowler Bill Kerr looks back at his chosen sport to the fowlers of old and the merits of undecked static guns versus decked swivel gunpunts Ever been puntgunning? Know what a fowling punt or puntgun is? Well, I am

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Call of the Wildfowler

James Marchington talks to a time served fowler keen to encourage sportsmen with an inherent hankering for the foreshore There’s something about wildfowling that breeds some of the real characters in shooting. Or perhaps it’s that the oddballs of the

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The Fife life

Simon Everett is guided onto the geese in Fife by goose guru Alan Croston for a golden sunrise flight. There is a different kind of magic about decoying geese in the first few hours of daylight. Keeping low in the

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Waiting it out

Byron Pace joins David Virtue once more for a filming foray at the geese, but despite David’s sterling reputation to predict their location, will the birds evade him? The New Year had come and gone, and it was hard to

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Duck and cover

Maureen Virtue accompanies a team of guns with sporting agent husband David in pursuit of wild duck on a fed flight pond in the Scottish Borders Shooting wild duck in Scotland is unlike any other sporting quarry as the group

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Geese at Dawn

Helena Douglas has pinkfooted geese in her sights in the dramatic Aberdeenshire countryside It is early morning in Aberdeenshire and as the first fingers of light spread across the horizon the haunting, high-pitched cry of Anser brachyrhynchus, the pinkfooted goose,

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Black Powder Goose flight

Byron Pace heads north of the border, where rough shooting expert David Virtue has lined up a goose flight for a very special gun As a youngster I have to admit my goose shooting success was fairly poor to say

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