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What is the safest way to buy English guns as investments? Current interest rates are terrible. Is investing in guns a good idea?

Diggory says: There are very few watertight investments that give very high returns these days. However, for shooting men, putting some money into English guns can be rewarding, both personally and financially. If you had bought a good Purdey sidelock fifteen years ago, you could have used it for your twenty driven days each subsequent season, cleaned it, kept it in good order and today, you would be able to sell it for about five thousand pounds more than you paid for it. In terms of absolute return on investment, that may not be heroic but as a way to gain pleasure and profit from money that would otherwise be no more than a number on a bank statement, it is hard to beat. If you are new to gun investment, you really need to get expert support before you get involved. If you buy the wrong gun at the wrong price, you may never recoup your funds. To most people, I would advise buying the best quality gun you can, in the best condition that you can find and to buy a gun you really like. Then, the worst case scenario is that you end up with something useful, even if it does not prove to be a gold mine.

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