Birds of prey numbers soaring

Britain’s birds of prey populations are hitting an all time high, as found by a report by the Countryside Alliance.

Birds of prey in the UK and their population trends‘ revealed that our birds of prey are now thriving especially compared to the UK’s other bird populations, some of which are showing a marked decline. Only the hen harrier and the white-tailed eagle join the list of 50 species on the British Trust for Ornithology‘s conversation watch list. Steps are being taken to ensure these two species are supported, including a successful reintroduction plan resulting in 40 breeding pairs of white-tailed eagles in the UK, and vocalisation to publish the Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Plan.


Buzzard pairs are approaching the 100,000 mark in the UK

Countryside Alliance director of shooting, Adrian Blackmore stated: “There is a widespread view that all our raptor populations are dwindling but this really is not the case. Red kites are now a common sight, despite having been reduced to just 10 pairs in the 1930s. Buzzards too are booming, in common with the vast majority of our birds of prey.”

“More work does need to be done for hen harriers but if all the groups involved in the Hen Harrier Recovery Plan work together, we should see an increase in their numbers too. British birds of prey are a real success story.”

Sign the e-petiton for the publication of the Hen Harrier Recovery Plan here.


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