Calls for grouse shoots to be licensed

Calls for sporting estates to be licensed in order to operate a grouse shoot have been made. The Scottish Raptor Study Group has suggested that estates, groups and individuals wishing to shoot red grouse should have to apply for a license to do so, with the aim of such a licensing system being a reduction in wildlife crime, particularly raptor persecution.

The suggestion has been rejected by the Scottish Countryside Alliance. Jamie Stewart, Countryside Alliance for Scotland director, said, “We have the most up to date legislation in the UK, in the form of the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 (WANE) and see no reason for this to be revisited.

“The SCA and other shooting organisations are members of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime Scotland (PAW Scotland) and actively contribute to the continued reduction of wildlife crime.

“If wildlife crime is taking place it is the role of the police to engage and convict, not for single issue organisations to sensationalise through the media.”

Grouse shooting is already subject to strict laws and regulations

Grouse shooting is already subject to strict laws and regulations


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