Countryside Alliance reacts to Hunting Act delay

Fox hunting

Photo: Beau Considine

The Countryside Alliance has reacted to the SNP U-turn that forced the government to delay a vote on changes to the Hunting Act.

If implemented, the changes would have removed the two dog limit for hunting and made it legal to flush and shoot foxes using packs of hounds. However, the SNP announced it would vote against the proposals, despite previously having stated its intention to not vote on England and Wales-only matters. Subsequently the Conservative government chose to delay the vote.

Now Sir Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, has said, “The government has made the right decision. We were very confident of achieving a majority of English and Welsh MPs in [the] vote, but it is understandable that the government now wants to postpone the vote to deal with the issues the SNP’s decision raises. This has clearly become a constitutional issue rather than one about wildlife management or animal welfare.

“We have shown that there is a clear majority of support for the proposals among English and Welsh MPs and the fact that the Labour party was ready to whip its MPs on the vote shows how desperate it has become.”

The Countryside Alliance has also recently conducted a survey that showed only 40 per cent of people questioned supported the hunting ban.

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