Deer data from BASC

BASC Deer stalking InfographicBASC has published another infographic clearly detailing the value of shooting – this time, covering data about deer in the UK.

Highlighting key facts about deer stalking and the rising deer population in the UK, the infographic is the sixth of its kind from BASC, covering all aspects of shooting. The infographic will be used to inform politicians, journalists and the public so that the facts of deer management can be easily spread and understood by the layman.

The publication lists the six species of deer in the UK: red, roe, sika, fallow, Chinese water deer and muntjac and their estimated overall population of more than two million. It also reveals that over 100, 000 people take part in deer stalking, and that the estimated cull of 350,000 helps to reduce the impact deer have on wildlife and farming.

For more information, download the infographic here.

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