Game popularity on the rise

Game meat has increased in popularity, as well as becoming more widely available. 

According to the Value of Shooting report, game meat is becoming much more popular, being featured on restaurant menus, in recipe books, on TV and is now much more available in mainstream retailers. The most popular meats are venison and game birds; of those surveyed, 84 and 78 per cent respectively, ate them while in season. 73 per cent also ate woodpigeon while 68 per cent ate rabbit. Those surveyed believed that while the trend towards pre-prepared food became stronger, the demand for wild game also increased.

Annette Cole from BASC, which runs a game meat promotional campaign called ‘Taste of Game’, has said “it’s great that game meat is getting the recognition it deserves. Game meat is great food, pure and simple. It is healthy, sustainable and highly nutritious. It can be locally sourced, is affordable and is very tasty. It is also extremely versatile.” She encourages anyone who has not tried it to give it a go with one of the Taste of Game recipes, and encourages shooters and keepers who eat game to spread the word.


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