In Angus, grouse is the million-pound bird


Nearly £1m will flow into Angus households from the grouse shooting season, say newly released figures.

A poll by the Angus Glens Moorland Group highlights shooting’s benefits for five glens located in the most sparsely populated part of the Angus region, with this western edge reliant on hill farming and rural sports income.

From six of seven estates who supplied salary information, the wages paid out to staff from gamekeepers to chefs to admin workers totalled £989,972.

Full-time jobs created by grouse shooting totalled 57 across the estates, topped off by 512 beating staff.

Lianne MacLennan, co-ordinator of the Angus Glens Moorland Group, said: “We talk regularly about how much revolves around the grouse season but we only really had vague ideas about how the season impacts on things like household incomes and budgets. The figures we managed to gather give us a much better idea of what it means for people who live here, although we haven’t taken into account the further impacts the visitors have on the local trades and small businesses in the nearby villages.”


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2 comments on “In Angus, grouse is the million-pound bird
  1. Kiteman says:

    Just under a million pounds? That’s £9.12 per resident of Angus.

    Even if you restrict you sums to the employees, that’s £1739.85 each.

    Spread over a year? That might pay their diesel bill for the season.

    “Ordinary” tourism brings well over a hundred times the money into the area – shooting doesn’t even appear in the top ten reasons people visit the Angus area.

    Data source:

  2. David Mitchell says:

    I have to agree with Kiteman.This is nothing more that a sad attempt to justify this so called “sport”.
    Pity Lianne MacLennan does not reflect on the impact on raptors on these shooting estates.Try finding a Hen Harrier on Millden or Glenogil estates.Talk about turning a blind eye.Angus Glens Moorland Group are a waste of time.

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