Parakeet panic

Antis have been lampooning a recent how-to YouTube video detailing parakeet pest control in London.


Animal rights activists have deemed the video, created by James Marchington for the FieldSports Channel, “deranged”, despite the pest joining the quarry list in 2013. Mr Marchington clearly states that his motive for dealing with birds is to protect his property: the birds have been “attacking my fruit trees, but there’s not a lot I can do about it as they are up in the trees, and I can’t get a safe shot at them.” It’s for this reason that Mr Marchington decoys the parakeets. Against a mass of hysterical anti-shooting comments, the channel’s owner, Charlie Jacoby has defended the video, saying: “I think PETA needs to develop more emotional intelligence about wildlife. These birds are pests and government has designated them as such.”

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