Shoot for your wellbeing

New research has shown that shooting is vital for many people’s physical, social and personal wellbeing, thanks to a survey conducted by BASC

The findings have been made into a handy infographic, shown below, highlighting the various positive influencing shooting has on many people’s lifestyles. For some, shooting brings people together, it gets them out in the great outdoors and keeps them active. Over 1,400 people took part in the survey, and 95 per cent said it was important for their personal wellbeing. An average person makes 20 new friends through shooting. The top three reasons people spend their time shooting were love of the countryside, enjoyment in the activity and a chance to relax.

Personal VoS Infographic V5

BASC chairman Alan Jarrett said: “Shooting brings people outdoors, gives them exercise and involves them in an active social life. These are all important factors in improving social and personal wellbeing which is a leading indicator of our success as a country… Shooting is about much, much more than firing a shot. That moment is the result of physical effort, applied knowledge and social cooperation. People work year-round to manage land and improve habitats. They work to understand their quarry and its environment. They work together and they benefit from it.”

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