The battle of Findhorn Bay


Shooters in Moray face a fight to save wildfowling on Findhorn Bay after antis launched a petition calling for a ban.

The petition listed a number of arguments to drive forward a ban on shooting at Findhorn Bay. Some of the points included obscure objections to netting and snaring geese, using items other than firearms to kill geese and conservation concerns regardless of the increasing number of geese in the area.

The group behind the petition is the Findhorn Foundation – a new-age spiritual community, ecovillage and an international centre for ‘holistic education’ led by Lisa Mead.

In response, wildfowlers have called in the cavalry, with the Scottish Association for Country Sports getting involved to protect the long-established shooting rights. SACS said it was aware of a minority of shooters who broke good practice by taking unsporting shots and leaving behind spent cases and other rubbish. “Clearly this is unacceptable and if wildfowling is to continue on Findhorn Bay, shooters must do everything they possibly can not to threaten their own way of life,” said a SACS spokesperson.

In addition, a counter-petition has been set up to underline the conservation benefits of wildfowling in the area. It has currently garnered more than 1,400 signatures.

Alex Stoddart from SACS said: “Lisa Mead and a group of new-age oddities at the Findhorn Foundation talk the vacuous language of ‘community engagement’, ‘group dynamics’, ‘conflict facilitation’ and ‘the relationship between humanity and nature’, yet they appear to have no empathy with established communities or an understanding of local heritage, real conservation and the inseparable link between humans and killing other creatures for food.

“SACS looks forward to working with all parties to a sensible outcome based on evidence, facts and local good will. Sadly, there is precious little of any of those three principles in the anti’s petition or their ‘conflict facilitation’ to date.”

Sign the petition here

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4 comments on “The battle of Findhorn Bay
  1. Susan Kemp says:

    I take umbrage at this oversimplified Daily Mail type of reporting. I am not a New Ager and not a member of the Findhorn Foundation and when attending local meetings to hear and share facts about the issue I found myself in a very mixed group, which only included a few people either member sod or sympathetic with the Findhorn Foundation. A leading light promoting the stopping of wild fowling in Findhorn Bay has been the local Church of Scotland Minister for Kinloss and Findhorn, hardly a ‘new ager’. I am all for locals getting permits to shoot in the bay and to be monitored properly. That is not what I see in the bay I live adjacent to. The anti-wildfowling group has been largely forced by the aggressive and inflexible stance of the wildfowling group to the extreme position of banning the shooting. Your type of reporting of the situation is not helping to find a progressive or balanced solution.

  2. Maria Olsthoorn says:

    The article WRONGLY states that the FIndhirn Foundation is behind this. This is not the case at all in my understanding.

  3. Lisa Mead says:

    Jacob, You and Alex Stoddart have your facts wrong. The shooting ban petition was started by Friends of Findhorn Bay, which is an entirely separate organisation to the Findhorn Foundation. The Findhorn Foundation had nothing to do with the shooting ban petition.
    As for Alex Stoddart’s other comments above, obviously he is entitled to his opinion. However, to say that we have no empathy with established communities is laughable – it is the established communities of Kinloss and Findhorn that we are trying to protect from indiscriminate shooting on Findhorn Bay. And he knows very well that we are willing to discuss a reasonable compromise position.
    I don’t suppose you will want to allow this fair comment to be posted, but whatever you decide to do, please correct the inaccurate references to the Findhorn Foundation.
    Kind regards
    Lisa Mead

  4. Phillip Smernicki says:

    Not all the antis are “New age”. That is like me saying that all shooters are irresponsible!! Alex Stoddart needs to get his head out of the clouds!! I am an anti, I am ex military so have an affiliation with an array of very powerful weapons, now in the environmentally unfriendly oil business, a meat eater and do not hug trees. I am certainly not an oddity either. I do however take great offence when I observe the mess, live lead shot cartridges, dogs dirt and breasted carcasses left behind a days shoot by certain shooters. Nor I am I a white settler. Many of the shooters that visit have no connection with the area therefore don’t see the need to look after it. Not all, but certainly a number of them. But Alex should try and avoid the name calling … as it isn’t big …or clever!!!!

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