Urban fox cull possible


Edinburgh Council has discussed the possibility of initiating an urban fox cull.

Councillor Alex Lunn is concerned about city foxes that have lost their fear of humans, saying he has been ‘inundated’ with calls from local people, and is starting to think a cull might be necessary.

Edinburgh-based pest controller George Buchan said he had noticed an increase in the number of urban foxes he encountered, while Simon Milne, chief executive of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, conceded that fox numbers in the Lothians could run into the thousands.

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2 comments on “Urban fox cull possible
  1. Leigh Arthur says:

    The only reason the public are worried about urban foxes is because of the drivel constantly printed in the press.

    If you don’t want them on your property, there are humane deterrents that can be used, which would stop foxes using that area as a territory. If you kill a fox, the territory becomes available, and another moves in.

    The population of urban foxes (and rats, and pigeons, etc) is dictated by the availability of food and territories. You will not affect the numbers while we humans are so slovenly with our waste.

    Stop over-reacting, and do something proactive if you want to reduce fox numbers. Or you could simply learn to enjoy wildlife, and be grateful we don’t have big predators in this country. If you panic this much about what is essentially a small dog, how would you react to big cats or bears roaming around?

  2. Miss Patricia Butler says:

    Well said, Leigh Arthur. Foxes are NOT a danger to the public,. When people make claims that a Fox has attacked thier own children, it is pure and simply to cover up, for what really attacked the babies. Not only in Hackney but also baby Denny in South London. IF the truth came out, both couples could be done with CHILD NEGLECT, because all 3 babies were left UNATTENDED, all be it, in different circumstances. In the case of the Hackney twins, a Hackney detective advised the family to let a wildlife expert carry out dna testing on the twins, bite marks, letting the results be known to the media, but the family DECLINED the offer, and have now DISAPPEARED just like the South London couple, who have since been re-housed, just what they wanted. Foxes do NOT attack babies, they are VERY TIMID. Urban Foxes are one of the least dangerous animals you could ever wish too meet. Baby Denny’s Mother LIED, saying the door was broken, in fact Phoenix Housing repaired the door 2 weeks, before baby Denny was attacked. It changed from the Back Door to the Front Door. Baby Denny’s finger was NOT severed, as all the papers claim. Also Mother said that the Fox was SWINGING BABY DENNY AROUND BY THE ARM, THAT WAS ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FOXES THROAT, SO MUCH SO, THAT BABY DENNY’S HEAD WAS REPEATEDLY HITTING OF THE HARD SURFACE, I.E. DOOR FRAME/WALL. A 4 WEEK OLD BABY’S HEAD IS VERY THIN AND VUNERABLE UNLIKE AN ADULT. THE ONLY INJURIES TO THE HEAD AREA, WERE A FEW VERY MINOR ABRASIONS TO THE CHEEK, NOT CONSISTENT WITH THE HEAD REPEATEDLY HITTING A HARD SURFACE. I DO NOT THINK BABY DENNY WOULD HAVE SURVIVED THOSE KIND OF IN JURIES. I BELIEVE LIKE SO MANY OTHERS THAT BABY DENNY WAS ATTACKED BY A DOG.. EASY TO BLAME A FOX, WHEN PART OF THIS STORY SOUNDS LIKE HACKNEY, MOTHER SAID BABY DENNY WAS IN THE COT, THEN IT CHANGED TO BABY DENNY BEING ON THE SOFA, JUST LIKE THE ALLEDGED FOX IN DARTFORD 2002, WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE A DOG ATTACK, IT HAPPENED TWICE..

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