Vegan anti is new shadow secretary for rural affairs


Kerry McCarthy, the Labour MP for Bristol East, has been appointed shadow secretary of state for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs by Jeremy Corbyn. Ms McCarthy is a vegan, a Vice President of the League Against Cruel Sports and has reportedly said that she is “against all shooting ‘sports’ where there’s a living creature on both ends of the gun.”

This announcement has been met with caution by BASC, who has asked for an urgent meeting with McCarthy to discuss the Labour Party’s policy towards shooting and its benefits to the economy, the environment and food.

Richard Ali, Chief Executive of BASC said: “BASC hopes that Ms McCarthy, despite the positions she has taken in the past, will approach her new post of the basis of evidence based policy and the principles of better regulation introduced by the last Labour government. BASC will expect Ms McCarthy to be pragmatic and give shooting a fair hearing.”

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One comment on “Vegan anti is new shadow secretary for rural affairs
  1. Jim Ives says:

    Don’t they use captive bolt guns to kill animals for food these day’s?

    That has living creatures at both ends of the guns.

    Does this mean that she is against killing the animals for food?

    One assumes that as this involves the Supermarket chains and the huge revenue’s they generate that this would be OK and that animals sensing or smelling an area of death (slaughterhouse) and being terrified as a result is OK with her.

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