Water vole survey for BASC

BASC is looking for members to participate in a series of surveys measuring the success of a water vole project in north Wales.

Photo credit: Peter Trimming

Photo credit: Peter Trimming

Water voles face serious threats throughout the UK, as the surveys will provide much needed information on the trajectory of water vole conservation. Undertaken on the Llyn Peninsula, the surveys are part of a three year project funded by Natural Resources Wales to manage the spread of Non Native Species, such as American mink.

The first survey will take place on Natural Resources Wales’ Cors Geirch National Nature Reserve on July 6th as part of a water vole survey training day being run by BASC and Gwynedd County Council and hosted by the Bodfuan shoot. Further surveys are planned for later in the summer.

Jono Garton, who runs the Bodfuan Shoot and is a member of BASC Council, said:  “Mink prey on water voles and are considered to be the main reason behind the dramatic crash in water vole numbers since the early 1990s.  Female mink, especially, are able to get down into water vole burrows and eat both adults and young.  Mink also feed on rabbits and on ground nesting birds, with some evidence that they impact on juvenile salmonid populations too.”

To get involved, contact Audrey Watson on 07531 141497.

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