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Longthorne – Celtic 16 bore over-and-under 

Longthorne – Celtic 16 bore over-and-under

Longthorne – Celtic 16 bore over-and-under

Longthorne has launched the new 16 bore throughout their standard and deluxe ranges in response to greater interest in lighter guns. Weighing in at just six pounds 10 ounces, it’s a great choice for next season. A fully bespoke gun, with your choice of barrel length, rib, stock, forend shape, and choke size, incorporating Longthorne’s unique barrel technology. Proofed for steel, up to full choke with fixed choke as standard, with 2.3/4 inch chambers, it has a true side lock and generates very low recoil or muzzle flip. It’s been hailed as a good grouse gun, pointable and light enough for treks through the heather. The 16 bore is available in the Hesketh standard or deluxe, with either the Celtic (shown) or Rose and Scroll engraving. Elaine Stewart goes into more detail.

RRP: £22,575

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