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 Hammond Country Sporting Goods – Quadpod shooting sticks 


Hammond Country Sporting Goods – Quadpod shooting sticks

A revolutionary piece of equipment on any stalk or foxing outing. The quadpod has the capacity to be used as either a single stick, a double stick or as a quadpod, a rock solid shooting support. It can be used for a kneeling shot, lying shot or for a variety of standing heights. The telescopic legs are well made, without meddlesome tabs that can catch on clothing or undergrowth, and the quadpod collapses down for easy transportation. This support is a light, silent piece of equipment that can simply be extended for immediate shooting. Should the quarry shift or move in your field of view, the quadpod provides a small forward ledge for minute adjustments in aim without the need to reposition the sticks – a vital feature for that split-second shot. John Hammond shows us how the quadpod can be used in the field.

RRP: £169

Hammond Country Sporting Goods

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