Fox control DVD review

Keep Charlie under control

Keep Charlie under control

This month, we’re taking a look at a DVD from the Gamekeeper’s Diary team, as it shows some of the traditional methods used to catching up with Charlie.

Fox controlFollow a team of dedicated gamekeepers as they make a year-round effort to keep the local fox population at a manageable level. Keeping vulnerable game and wildlife safe from excessive predation pressure requires being out in all weathers and getting to grips with a variety of techniques, and the team don’t flinch from showing some of the hard aspects of the job. From being out for long days in sub-zero temperatures, to digging feet down into hard earth, and from late nights and early mornings to painstaking surveillance, the keepers in question go through it all.

Two traditional fox management techniques are demonstrated on this DVD. Terriers are used to bolt foxes from their earths to waiting guns, with recon, netting, dog trackers and safe gun positioning all an essential part of getting it right and getting the result. Not only that, the fox controllers are also deployed out at night with a lamp to trace their vulpine quarry in the post-harvest stubbles. It calls for careful scanning, positive identification and sure shooting, and never guarantees success, but their dedication pays off and another few foxes are taken off the patch.

There are no huge bags here; every fox is hard-earned and the result of carefully acquired and applied knowledge and teamwork. The film runs for just under an hour – around 56 minutes – and will provide a welcome diversion, and possibly some hints and tips, for foxers of all ages and experience levels.

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