In The Shooting Field

In The Shooting Fieldcmyk_resultFrom the author of On the Deer Path, the latest collection of memoirs from David Barrington Barnes takes the reader to game shoots far and wide, straying from the deer path to prove his passion for a different quarry

By: David Barrington Barnes
Published by: Blaze Publishing
Price: £19.95

From his earliest engagement with a rat and a garden gun, to enjoying the magnificent hospitality of the finest driven shoots, David Barrington Barnes has spent countless hours in pursuit of native game with the shotgun. Some readers of his first book, On The Deer Path, suggested that his preoccupation with deerstalking had led to a life lacking balance, but In the Shooting Field is David’s answer, proving his enthusiasm for fieldsports is as wide and far-reaching as the quarry he pursues.

Written in David’s characteristic style, it is an evocative memoir of the good, the bad, and all the days in between, from rabbiting with ferrets to geese in the icy morning, wary fenland pheasants to rocketing partridges. The characters David has met along the way are rendered instantly recognisable with wry wit and humour, as countless gamekeepers, shooters, hosts and friends have shaped his shooting experiences. Needless to say, his canine companions join him, both good and bad gundogs, on his most memorable shoots, including his beloved Brandy, the troublemaker Montgomery and his current dog, petite Midge.

David Barrington Barnes

David Barrington Barnes

Each chapter covers a distinct facet of the shooting world, David reveals the successes and failures, the trials and tribulations that have accompanied each part of his adventures in the field.
Editor Pete Carr said, “This, his latest book, is so much more than a collection of anecdotes. It is a rare seam of candid sporting excellence, gauged not by numbers in the game bag, or marksmanship alone, but by a gentleman’s perspective of sport enjoyed (as it says on the can) in the shooting field.

“His enthusiasm is clearly as bright today when partaking in the best of formal driven days, as it was more than half a century ago, when as a small boy he first followed the call of Nimrod.”

David himself explains, “In The Shooting Field is a celebration of my life and times as a shooting man. I very much hope my shooting friends who had the patience to read On The Deer Path will share with me the enjoyable, amusing and exciting days in the field that I describe.

“A deerstalker reader of On The Deer Path described it as a book to read and then revisit from time to time in front of a log fire with a glass of whisky at hand. If a shooting reader is of the same opinion about In The Shooting Field, then I will have met the modest aspirations I had in writing the book: to share the pleasure I have had and to give enjoyment to the shooting man.”

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