The “Glorious Twelve” benefits of Grouse Shooting

To celebrate the Glorious Twelfth and the opening of the UK red grouse season, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has released an infographic illustrating the benefits of grouse shooting.


Ian Grindy, the Chairman of BASC’s Gameshooting and Gamekeeping Committee said; “Heather moorland managed for grouse brings with it a host of benefits to conservation and wildlife of which we have highlighted twelve. This year’s grouse season has been badly affected by atrocious weather in the Spring and because owners and moor managers are concerned to preserve grouse the number of days on which shooting takes place, for example in England, will be a fraction of the total in 2014. BASC is highlighting the twelve benefits of grouse shooting so that people can make their own minds up when they hear those who, through misguided zeal or prejudice would like to destroy grouse shooting and managed moorland and deprive the uplands of all the benefits these bring.”

For further details of the benefits of moorland management, please see

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