Waiting it out

Byron Pace joins David Virtue once more for a filming foray at the geese, but despite David’s sterling reputation to predict their location, will the birds evade him?

Even with the best guide in the world, it doesn’t always go right.

Even with the best guide in the world, it doesn’t always go right.

The New Year had come and gone, and it was hard to believe that the season was rapidly nearing an end. As always, David Virtue had been busy, with most of his goose days booked up before the last season had even finished. Of course this should be the case with any self-respecting goose guide. Good ones, and there are plenty of sharks out there, build a reputation over many years. It takes a huge amount of work in reconnaissance, and requires a deep knowledge of movements depending on the prevailing weather and time of year. This is not something you can suddenly acquire. It takes time, and those guides chancing their arm are soon found out with repeated poor showings.

Even with the best guide in the world, it doesn’t always go right. Sometimes life colludes against you and it’s hard going. Over the last couple of years I have been out on the geese with David more times than I can remember, and I am yet to experience a blank. It’s been a little sparse on occasion, especially when the weather has been milder than one would expect from the time of year, but we have always had birds over our heads. That doesn’t mean the team always has a lot to show for the effort. Some days, the shooting is more off target than on. Even so, the teams of guns are usually formed of hunters who for the most part know each other well, and the banter and ribbing for poor shooting is almost as entertaining as the shooting itself.

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