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Introducing iShoot, the newest live-quarry wing shooting magazine to hit the UK market. Distributed through the news trade and to subscribers, iShoot started as a digital publication before making the successful transition to print media in August 2015.

iShoot magazine now encompasses live quarry shotgun shooting like that seen on Blaze’s successful YouTube channel The Shooting Show, and will continue to provide articles of interest to professional and amateur gamekeepers as seen in its predecessor, Modern Gamekeeping. In addition, it has a substantial focus on winged vermin control (pigeon shooting and corvids), wildfowling, rough shooting and of course game shooting articles from the UK and around the globe, plus all the latest news and kit reviews.

Headed by expert game shot and editorial director Pete Carr, the title boasts the best sporting writers in the business including Wes Stanton, James Marchington, Byron Pace and Geoff Garrod, not to mention top experts in the field of gundogs, game crops and game birds, trapping, foxing and more.

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