Amira Nasim-Hopfer

Fighting off fleas

Fleas are a common problem for dog owners, and timing is essential to get them under control says Amira Nasim-Hopfer. Flea infestations are a common and annoying problem that can often affect our canine companions as well as the home

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When seizures strike

It can be alarming to see a dog have a fit, but Amira Nasim-Hopfer says that the condition is often quite manageable. This month I want to talk a little about epilepsy, a condition that can also affect our four-legged

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Working with wounds

Working dogs can easily pick up cuts and scrapes in the field, and Amira Nasim-Hopfer details how to manage the types of wound your dog might encounter. A common skin laceration can often look dramatic, but if presented within the

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The eyes have it

A working dog needs good eyesight – Amira Nasim-Hopfer looks at some of the common problems dogs can encounter with their sight   This feature will discuss some of the common eye diseases seen in dogs. It is important to be familiar

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Dysplasia and dislocations

Hip conditions can be common in working breeds – Amira Nasim-Hopfer explains how to spot and manage some of the problems your dog might encounter   The canine hip, which is also known as the coxofemoral joint, is a ball

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Tooth troubles

Dental care is vital for a healthy dog, says Amira Nasim-Hopfer, and problems aren’t always immediately apparent   Not many people enjoy going to the dentist, but we all know how painful a bad tooth can be. This article will

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