Spotlight on snipe

Editor Pete Carr looks at the methods, equipment and areas involved in the pursuit of this diminutive and elusive wader found in bog and marsh The tiny snipe makes up for its lack in stature for the sport it always

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Partridges provide a “blueprint” for Europe

European biodiversity specialists have praised the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s grey partridge conservation scheme, ‘Grey Matters’, and have suggested the research could provide a “blueprint” for saving different species across Europe. Farmland biodiversity across Europe has plummeted as agricultural production

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For the birds and the bees

Kings has created a brand new seed mix, focusing on combining the best possible cover crop with the recent demand for bee-friendly plant species: the Bees ‘n’ Seeds mix. For a limited time, this mix can be purchased at a

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Licence to Kill

John Bryan emphasises the importance of being up to speed with the latest General Licences, and the conditions of use to look out for   Anyone involved in vermin control should be familiar with the broad legislation, such as the

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Bird Botherers

Predator wonders why it’s ok for some people to disturb nesting birds of prey, regardless of the consequences   The eco-zealots are forever telling us to leave nature alone. It will find its own balance they say, pointing out in

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NGO urges members to respond to NE consultation

The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation has urged its members to respond to the consultation launched by Natural England on the future of the General Licences. Routinely used to control pest birds, the consultation includes some proposed changes to the wording regarding

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Those Dreaded Protozoans

… and other things. Vet Alan Pearson looks at the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment, and a new discovery linked to game bird health

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That last mountain

Game bird vet Alan Pearson looks at the final peak of mortality young birds might show

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Lapwing Lessons

As several species face severe local declines, Andrew Gilruth asks: is it time for conservation organisations to adopt game management principles before it’s too late? We have learnt the value of game management to conservation. Successful game management relies on

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Shooting Near The Highway

Expert lawyer Stephen Ede from Bridge McFarland solicitors looks at the legal implications that affect many shooters operating near roadways. Many gamekeepers and other enthusiasts engaged in their chosen sport will often come close to public highways during the course

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