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David Barrington Barnes raises his voice to critique the firearms licensing system and its implementation Some decades ago, the relationship between government and judiciary was simple: parliament made the laws and the judges interpreted them. It was a simple approach,

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Domestic strife

David Barrington Barnes does not flinch when investigating the inner sanctum – neither should licensing managers, he says All reasonable people will accept that firearms licensing is, or should be, about keeping the public safe from those who possess firearms

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The Shooting Show – deer stalking masterclass with Jason Doyle

Irish sika stalking expert Jason Doyle brings you the lowdown on the concept of maximum point-blank range. Not sure? How about this: Never having to alter the point of aim on deer anywhere from 130 to 250 yards. It could

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BASC calls for 10-year certificates

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has launched a white paper entitled ‘Extending the duration of firearm and shotgun certificates’, calling for the introduction of 10-year certificates. The paper was launched at a meeting of the All Party

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Get certificate renewal form in early, says BASC

BASC is recommending that shotgun and firearm certificate holders that are due to renew their certificates in 2015 to get their application in in plenty of time. 2015 is due to be one of the ‘peak years’ of licensing activity, with

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Public place shooting offences

David Barrington Barnes gives advice on the everyday handling of firearms, and avoiding getting into situations that fall under criminal law Our community of firearms and shotgun certificate holders is a law abiding one. Most of its members are of

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Deer management course

The British Deer Society has teamed up with Jim Taylor Page Young Person Educational Bursaries to offer deer enthusiasts aged between 17 and 25 a chance of winning free tuition on a BDS Deer Stalking Certificate 1 course

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