Gamekeepers encouraging raptors in Angus

A new red kite nest, containing two healthy chicks, was discovered by a trainee gamekeeper on moorland in Glen Esk. Red kites have been steadily climbing in numbers in Scotland, since they were reintroduced in the 1980s from the Black Isle. 

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Lest we forget

Alan Pearson finds the history of the pheasant in the British Isles might go further back than you think – and how it came to such prominence as sporting quarry. Shooting is a subject that we don’t always consider, we

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Study supports both grouse and harriers

A report published by the University of Aberdeen outlines a model of management that supports the provision of hen harriers on grouse moors.  The study, which  involved grouse moor managers, ecologists, and conservationists, was led by Dr Steve Redpath, and showed that across the

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Leaving the leks

Patrick Laurie looks at black grouse populations, the potential they have to bounce back, and the factors that can put them off. After such an excellent breeding year in 2013, black grouse should be in a fine position to bounce

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Planning for the arrivals

Having been thinking about the Christmas story, Alan Edwards says some preparation before the chicks arrive will ensure your birds get a better start

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