Further consultation on Welsh countryside access

The Welsh Government has released a statement saying that it is open to further discussion regarding plans to develop access to countryside.   The consultation was launched by minister for culture and sport John Griffiths last summer, and has been

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Scotland airgun bill introduced

A bill has been introduced in Scotland to license all airguns, a decision which has been branded ‘a costly and bureaucratic mistake’. BASC Scotland, the country’s largest shooting organisation, has condemned the system, which will cover an estimated half a

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General license changes could affect pest control practices

New proposals from Natural England could impact on pest control measures such as pigeon shooting. Currently, farmers or land managers only have to be ‘satisfied’ that attempting to scare or deter the birds would not work before they can be

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NE launches general licence consultation

Natural England has launched a consultation on proposed changes to general and class licenses. The consultation will see Natural England consult with stakeholders and the general public on a range of proposed alterations. The main themes of the consultation include:

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Wildlife law reform

In August 2011, the Law Commission launched a large-scale consultation on current wildlife law in England and Wales to ensure that it is in line with our obligations as an EU member. Surprisingly, the initiative and accompanying document didn’t get

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