Grain gobblers

Studies have shown that over half of the over-winter supplementary grain provided to sustain game birds is consumed by pest species like rats. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust carried out a new study to record how much food is wasted

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Kayaking for crows

As the UK heads into into springtime, Davy Thomas recalls a memorable kayaking trip out in a storm and points out the benefits of leaving static traps a bit longer than normal before moving them or installing new ones. Extract

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Farmyard forays

Farms provide food and shelter for feathered pests when the weather turns cold. Mat Manning has the best advice if you’re hoping to clear those birds from the farm After the arrival of autumn, farmyard pest control tends to go

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Top ten

The challenge: shoot a 10-species game bag in five hours. Charlie Jacoby heads to the Scottish Borders for the attempt To the Borders of Scotland where, on Britains’ shortest day, you can shoot Britain’s biggest bag: grouse, pheasant, partridge, rabbit,

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Licence to Kill

John Bryan emphasises the importance of being up to speed with the latest General Licences, and the conditions of use to look out for   Anyone involved in vermin control should be familiar with the broad legislation, such as the

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Act now to save general licences

If you haven’t got the time to read this article in full, here is the short version: before you do anything else, grab your phone and send an email to stating that you are a gamekeeper, that the General

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Hit the Beech

Mat Manning enjoys an early autumn day in the woods, where the pests are going nuts for beech mast The arrival of autumn is an exciting time for hunters. Apart from the fact that the countryside looks absolutely beautiful, the

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Is there more to come?

After explaining what can cause peaks of mortality in a young flock, Alan Pearson turns his attention to further challenges

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Larsen Mate: Not so Friendly

The  controversy concerning the legal implications of the Larsen mate or clam trap raises some interesting questions regarding the use of all our legal methods and engines used to control vermin. Keeping our own house in order is of course

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