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Soapbox stuff

David Barrington Barnes raises his voice to critique the firearms licensing system and its implementation Some decades ago, the relationship between government and judiciary was simple: parliament made the laws and the judges interpreted them. It was a simple approach,

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Evidence of unfitness

David Barrington Barnes looks at new guidance to police on firearms and shotgun certificates that deal with understanding what makes a person unfit to hold firearms. Readers may or may not be aware that the police bible in firearms law

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Public place shooting offences

David Barrington Barnes gives advice on the everyday handling of firearms, and avoiding getting into situations that fall under criminal law Our community of firearms and shotgun certificate holders is a law abiding one. Most of its members are of

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Dispatch best practice

Deer is the journal of the British Deer Society. In the 2013 summer edition there is an excellent article on page 33 called ‘Good, Better, Best’ by John Thornley, the author of ‘Fair Game’ and ‘Deer Law & Liabilities’. In

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Shoot Contracts

Shooting law expert David Barrington Barnes advises keepers involved in letting shoots of certain contractual considerations that must be borne in mind. No gamekeeper will need reminding that the new shooting season is just the flicker of an eyelid ahead.

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