Elephants threatened by poaching

African elephants are so threatened by an increase in poaching in recent years that it is believed more elephants are killed than are being born.

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Help breeding woodcock

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust has stated that the shooting community could play an important role in the conservation of woodcock.  Since 2008, figures from across the country reveal an overall population decline of 2.5 per cent. The GWCT

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Lapwing envy

Self-interested schemes such as ‘lapwing envy’ could help revive declining wildlife numbers, conservationists claim. Almost 200 scientists, conservationists, farmers and policy makers congregated at a research conference promoting wildlife revival in the UK. The conference, organised by the Game and

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Conservation Courses

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust has announced that it will be running two training courses in March 2014 to help people re-introduce the grey partridge to Scotland. The course has been designed to give partridge enthusiasts all the information

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