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Think Five – Part 2

Game bird vet Alan Pearson has the second part of his discussions on bird welfare, outlining the importance of knowledge and training. If you missed out on Part 1, why not read up and join us back here?  I make no apologies

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Stress relievers

Every keeper has had more than his fair share of stress, says vet Alan Pearson, but have you considered using the experience to help rear better birds? We’ve all experienced stress – wild bird keepers especially will know well that

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Think Five

When it comes to bird welfare, Alan Pearson says it’s essential to maintain good standards, but the ‘Think Five’ principle makes it easy to cover all the bases. For some time I have been meaning to discuss bird welfare, which

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A Balancing Act

Game bird vet Alan Pearson explains disease prevention isn’t about eliminating all bacteria and viruses, as some micro-organisms are good for the health of your birds I have spoken to two of my colleagues in the closed season and we

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Those Dreaded Protozoans

… and other things. Vet Alan Pearson looks at the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment, and a new discovery linked to game bird health

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