Sense over extremism

A press release issued by BASC, the UK’s largest shooting and conservation organisation, has praised the decision of Bradford City Council “for choosing sense over extremism by allowing grouse shooting to continue on Ilkley Moor.” The statement reads: The City

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TIM BONNER: Grousing about class divide

Tim Bonner looks at the perceived elitism of grouse shooting and the benefits the sport brings to the rural economy  Over 600,000 of us shoot game every year in the UK and there are less than 500 grouse moors in

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Species spotlight: Grouse and ptarmigan

The hardiest of all British game birds must be the ptarmigan. Scratching a bleak existence from the lichen lined, granite cathedrals of the Scottish Highlands, this bird’s survival through the seasons is nothing short of miraculous. During the short summer

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The problem with peat

Patrick Laurie looks at the damaging factors a grouse moor manager must consider when it comes to peatland reduction… Peat has become a big issue in the uplands over the past few years, and having identified its huge value in

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Affordable grouse shooting

Flynn Michaels’ experience of grouse shooting over dogs is a much more cost-effective method compared with the bells and whistles of driven grouse Grouse shooting over pointers is a subtle form of hunting. There are no groups of gung-ho hot

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NEW! The Shooting Show – driven grouse in the wind and rain

We’re at Farndale with a star-studded Shooting Show team for a dazzling driven day courtesy of Bernard Moss and co. But the weather isn’t playing ball, and we’re met with horizontal rain and high winds. But clothed in high-spec Deerhunter

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Glorious Grouse: New guide makes buying the king of game birds easy

Taste of Game, which helps promote the delights of eating game meat, has teamed up with the Moorland Association to publish “Glorious Grouse”, a short guide on where to buy the king of game birds. Glorious Grouse is a guide

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NEW! The Shooting Show – 2015’s top ten hunting videos

Last year on The Shooting Show, we counted down the top 10 videos since the channel’s inception in 2012. Now, we’ve done it again. We just couldn’t resist bringing you an updated list covering everything we’ve released on The Shooting Show

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In Angus, grouse is the million-pound bird

Nearly £1m will flow into Angus households from the grouse shooting season, say newly released figures

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Moorland grouse on the menu

With the grouse season under way, game meat is getting a boost in Scotland

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