It’s a dog’s life

Dog Bed Review: Tuffies Durasoft Mattress bed 110cm x 68cm bed By Bingo, Age: One-And-A-Quarter When you’ve had months trying to curl up in a plastic injection-moulded lozenge-shaped bed from PetsatHome, then anything softer than a bone is a dog-send. Whining

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Working dogs recognised

In Wales, new guidelines for local authorities granting licences under new dog breeding regulations have been established to recognise hunt kennels. Special mention has been made in the document for working dogs, covering accommodation, diet and nutrition, socialisation of puppies and welfare.

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Treating arthritis

Vet Harvey Carruthers looks at how you can help an aging gun dog suffering from joint aches and pains Vets are commonly asked about ways to treat arthritis in dogs. We aim to maintain dogs’ mobility and reduce pain to

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Leading vet Harvey Carruthers offers sound advice on the resuscitation of man’s best friend in the shooting field If your dog collapses in the field you need to react quickly and effectively to make the difference between life and death.

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All about allergies

What do you do if your dog suffers allergies? Expert veterinarian Harvey Carruthers offers guidance Over 60 different pollens, insects and foods can cause allergies in dogs. Together, these so-called allergens are the cause of a great deal of irritation

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Gundogs stolen

A spate of dog thefts across the country seem to be targeting working dogs, with Labradors and cocker spaniels in demand for black market online deals.

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What the Vet Saw

Gundog vet Amira Nasim-Hopfer explains how vets use imaging technology to diagnose a wide range of problems

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Itching Issues

Harvey Carruthers examines the problems ticks and fleas can create for your dog and discusses the best ways to deal with them. Working dogs are exposed to a variety of parasites throughout the year, and the two most common of

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Canine Collapse

Harvey Carruthers advises on the best methods to treat a collapsed gun dog in a working situation. Although gundogs tend to be healthier than many other breeds, their working environment means that they may be a significant distance from emergency

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