Northern Ireland shooting land supports wading birds

Land in Northern Ireland that is for shooting has been shown to provide vital habitat for wading bird populations. Recent results of a study comparing data from 1987, 1999 and 2013 show major declines in curlew, lapwing and snipe in

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Think of the bees’ needs

Bees and butterflies are on the decline but there’s something to be done about it – devote twice as much uncultivated land to pollinators on farmland. A five-year study carried out by entomologists from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) and Rothamsted

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Cut to the heart of the matter

Patrick Laurie examines the advantages of heather cutting, and its varied applications in moorland management and conservation projects   Burning heather is an iconic management technique, but it can also be politically loaded. Regardless of the benefits and sustainability of

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On course for recovery

Morag Walker of the GWCT details the steps the Trust has been taking to perfect grey partridge re-introduction techniques, and how shoots can benefit   In conservation terms, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s one-day grey partridge reintroduction course is

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Shooting filling funding gap

Shooting interests in Northern Ireland are helping to fill a gap in rural development funding after a court ruling decided that no funds from the EU single farm payment will be ring-fenced for rural development or conservation. 9-15 per cent

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The management challenge

Ian Lindsay, Director of Advisory and Education for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, explains why people should support the Campaign for Game Following the post-war decline of wild game populations, by the late 1950s artificial brooder systems were beginning

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