Has the EU seen sense?

The EU Firearms Directive undergoes revision as shooting advocates enter the debate

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‘Gun code’ added to medical records

What some feel is an Orwellian measure has its advocates among shooters seeking a sensible compromise

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Cheaper legal fees for BASC members

BASC members in England and Wales can now get a 25 per cent discount on legal services from Butcher & Barlow. The legal practice includes family law, residential conveyancing and personal injury, and are specialists in agricultural law and rural affairs, commercial litigation,

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Dispatch best practice

Deer is the journal of the British Deer Society. In the 2013 summer edition there is an excellent article on page 33 called ‘Good, Better, Best’ by John Thornley, the author of ‘Fair Game’ and ‘Deer Law & Liabilities’. In

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Wildlife law reform

In August 2011, the Law Commission launched a large-scale consultation on current wildlife law in England and Wales to ensure that it is in line with our obligations as an EU member. Surprisingly, the initiative and accompanying document didn’t get

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Larsen Mate: Not so Friendly

The  controversy concerning the legal implications of the Larsen mate or clam trap raises some interesting questions regarding the use of all our legal methods and engines used to control vermin. Keeping our own house in order is of course

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