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David Barrington Barnes raises his voice to critique the firearms licensing system and its implementation Some decades ago, the relationship between government and judiciary was simple: parliament made the laws and the judges interpreted them. It was a simple approach,

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BASC calls for 10-year certificates

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has launched a white paper entitled ‘Extending the duration of firearm and shotgun certificates’, calling for the introduction of 10-year certificates. The paper was launched at a meeting of the All Party

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Airgun licensing plans fail to impress

Several parties in the Scottish Parliament have refused to endorse the plans for an airgun licensing Bill due to a lack of evidence.  Without all-party support, the plans for the Air Weapons and Licensing Bill (Scotland) are still only proposals. The Bill was rejected by the Scottish Conservatives,

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Unacceptable delays in firearms licensing

Scottish firearms licensing has been experiencing delays of up to nine months – and shooting organisations have had enough. BASC has called the wait for new and renewed licences as ‘unacceptable’, and with 20 staff cuts on the horizon, it’s

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Airgun licensing challenged

BASC has challenged a report supporting the legislation of airgun licensing in Scotland. Despite hearing evidence that the Bill will do little to deal with the problem of criminal misuse of airguns, it has already seen support. Regardless of the fact that

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Evidence of unfitness

David Barrington Barnes looks at new guidance to police on firearms and shotgun certificates that deal with understanding what makes a person unfit to hold firearms. Readers may or may not be aware that the police bible in firearms law

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Northern Ireland fee increase proposal

The Northern Ireland Department of Justice has been urged to ‘rethink’ proposals that would significantly increase firearms licensing fees. An individual certificate would rise from £50 to £100, and a dealer’s certificate would rise from £150 to £300, though the

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MP's Advise Tighter Controls For Shotguns

Fears over a blanket ban on firearms following the shootings in Cumbria last June now seem confined to the fantasies of anti-gun campaigners – but tightening firearms legislation in a number of key areas has been recommended by the government’s

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