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New ally for red squirrels

BASC has become a signatory to the UK Squirrel Accord with the aim of helping to protect and expand the red squirrel population in the UK

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Water vole survey for BASC

BASC is looking for members to participate in a series of surveys measuring the success of a water vole project in north Wales. Water voles face serious threats throughout the UK, as the surveys will provide much needed information on the trajectory

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Airgun pros target training

A training day was held by BASC Scotland earlier this month, targeted at professional pest controllers looking to improve their skill and safety measures.  Airgunning continues to play a huge role in managing pest species, and therefore BASC Scotland is keen to offer

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Decoying perfection

There’s only one way to deal with the hordes of grey scavengers feasting on the farmers’ fields – get the right kit for the job. A1 Decoy Pro Hide Kit This kit provides everything you need to make a versatile

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Farmyard forays

Farms provide food and shelter for feathered pests when the weather turns cold. Mat Manning has the best advice if you’re hoping to clear those birds from the farm After the arrival of autumn, farmyard pest control tends to go

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Turn up the heat

Robert Bucknell gets his first taste of foxing with a thermal imaging unit – can he get the hang of it in time to account for his quarry? New technology seems to arrive at an ever-increasing pace, and many foxshooters

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Triple team

Ian Woods shares the best methods of enticing vermin into your traps, using bait, lure and urine The use of bait, lure and urine in the UK for trapping and snaring is limited, unlike our friends in the USA and

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Tube Trapping

Ian Woods suggests a great way to tackle problem grey squirrels: the tube trap The WCS Tube Trap is a powerful killing trap originally designed in the 1980s for trapping mink in America. An up-rated trap was approved for use

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Rimfire Rabbiting

Byron Pace is joined by his brother, Darryl, for some coney control down on the farm There is something quite special sharing a hunting trip, or even just a day out with the gun accompanied by close family. Having just

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WCS Collarum Trap

Pest controller Ian Woods explains the workings of the WCS Collarum trap, a relative newcomer to the fox trapping scene Since the approval of the Collarum trap five years ago on 1 October 2009, a lot of the initial scepticism

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