Bag more Pigeons in four easy steps

Pigeon shooting guru Geoff Garrod reveals his tried and tested field expertise for beginners. Bag more Woodies with his step-by-step guide.

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Bag More Pigeons: Four Easy Steps

Pigeon shooting guru Geoff Garrod reveals his tried and tested field expertise for beginners Starting out in pigeon shooting can be a daunting endeavour. It takes skill, patience and good local knowledge, and even with that useful trio, you can

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The Shooting Show – last of the summer pigeons

With the summer crop stubbles about to disappear, Geoff takes the opportunity for some last-minute pigeon control. But he’s cut it finer than he thought and the field is literally being ploughed while he’s there… Bringing in the birds is

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The Shooting Show – shooting pigeons by the M11 PLUS Midland Game Fair highlights

Geoff Garrod sets up in a classic field-edge location for a day at the pigeons. But there’s a twist: This field edge borders a busy motorway. With safe shooting directions and quarry retrieval to think of, Geoff’s got a lot

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NEW! The Shooting Show – 2015’s top ten hunting videos

Last year on The Shooting Show, we counted down the top 10 videos since the channel’s inception in 2012. Now, we’ve done it again. We just couldn’t resist bringing you an updated list covering everything we’ve released on The Shooting Show

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Grain gobblers

Studies have shown that over half of the over-winter supplementary grain provided to sustain game birds is consumed by pest species like rats. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust carried out a new study to record how much food is wasted

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Dye hard decoying

James Marchington has the lens on pigeon-shooter extraordinaire Geoff Garrod once again, but will a run in with the farmer’s spraying machine ruin Geoff’s chances for a red letter day? Pigeons are a very underrated species, offering some of the

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Decoying perfection

There’s only one way to deal with the hordes of grey scavengers feasting on the farmers’ fields – get the right kit for the job. A1 Decoy Pro Hide Kit This kit provides everything you need to make a versatile

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Farmyard forays

Farms provide food and shelter for feathered pests when the weather turns cold. Mat Manning has the best advice if you’re hoping to clear those birds from the farm After the arrival of autumn, farmyard pest control tends to go

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Three-pronged attack

Heading to Scotland, Charlie Jacoby joins pigeon guide Des Cochrane for a day at the pigeons, using decoys, flight lines and roost shooting. Setting up is the most important part of the day according to Des Cochrane, a BASC-registered goose

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