Kenyon’s the man to back fieldsports in Somerset

Former BASC and BDS man David Kenyon is running for a top police job in Avon and Somerset

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Countryside Alliance reacts to Hunting Act delay

The Countryside Alliance has reacted to the SNP U-turn that forced the government to delay a vote on changes to the Hunting Act

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Shout about the value of shooting

BASC is reminding shooters to contact their area’s candidates to communication the value of shooting in the run up to the general election. The campaign website which can be found here can give voters information about their local candidates and their position on shooting.

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BASC gets ready for the general election

A campaign to highlight the Value of Shooting has been launched by BASC for the attention of politicians.

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Political animals

Do animal lovers really want their donations to the RSPCA spent on politically-motivated prosecutions like the £330,000 case against the Heythrop Hunt?

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Cuckoos in the Nest

Did you ever watch those wildlife films where the cuckoo chick pushes the true chicks out of the nest and grows fatter and fatter as its hapless foster parents feed it? Even though it is the way of nature, how I used to wish for justice.
Imagine the RSPB as a large, unsightly, bullying cuckoo. Well – now the fight back begins.

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