General license changes could affect pest control practices

New proposals from Natural England could impact on pest control measures such as pigeon shooting. Currently, farmers or land managers only have to be ‘satisfied’ that attempting to scare or deter the birds would not work before they can be

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Everything in moderation

If you asked me what it is about the Countryside Alliance that is most valuable, and that I am most proud of, I would immediately answer ‘the battle against extremism’. Not, thankfully, the extremism of religious militants, but the equally

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Judge Slams WCO for 'Entrapment'

A farmer convicted of wildlife offences for using a Larsen trap has had his conviction overturned, and was awarded £35,000 costs. The appeal judge slammed his case as an abuse of power, and said the Police wildlife crime officer involved had

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Larsen Mate: Not so Friendly

The  controversy concerning the legal implications of the Larsen mate or clam trap raises some interesting questions regarding the use of all our legal methods and engines used to control vermin. Keeping our own house in order is of course

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