An old tradition

Visiting an estate for some sport? Don’t forget to fix some ferreting, says Pete Carr. The blur of a departing rabbit across the sand dunes, the baleful look of the Scottish keeper – that was my first experience of ferreting

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Top ten

The challenge: shoot a 10-species game bag in five hours. Charlie Jacoby heads to the Scottish Borders for the attempt To the Borders of Scotland where, on Britains’ shortest day, you can shoot Britain’s biggest bag: grouse, pheasant, partridge, rabbit,

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Rimfire Rabbiting

Byron Pace is joined by his brother, Darryl, for some coney control down on the farm There is something quite special sharing a hunting trip, or even just a day out with the gun accompanied by close family. Having just

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Drop Trapping Rabbits

For effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to rabbit control, you can’t go wrong with a drop trap, says Ian Woods Pit-fall and drop traps have been in use in one form or another since the 18th century. Historically used

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Bolting bunnies

A concerned farmer suffering from rabbit problems calls in the cavalry in the form of Pete Carr and Stuart Wilson, accompanied by William the ferret master and his able charges It isn’t often these days that I get the opportunity

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Rabbiting Reflections

Keepers depend not only on their own efforts, but also the assistance and goodwill of others to make a success of their shoots. For most of us, farmers and farm workers will be pretty near the top of the list

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