Grain gobblers

Studies have shown that over half of the over-winter supplementary grain provided to sustain game birds is consumed by pest species like rats. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust carried out a new study to record how much food is wasted

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Another man’s poison

Poison is an important element of rodent control, but be careful how you use it, says John Bryan   Keeping on top of the rat population is an essential part of vermin control, and we all know how quickly they

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Kania Traps

Watch those fingers! John Bryan explores a lesser-used but powerful trap that can be used an a variety of versatile ways

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Wising up to Scilly rats

Two species of rat on the Isles of Scilly will be exterminated to protect rare sea birds. More than 3000 rats inhabit the islands of St Agnes and Gugh feed on the bird eggs, fledglings and even the rare Scilly shrew.

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