Make a note

There’s a new piece of kit to help fight coursing and poaching – it’s a notebook. PAW Scotland Poaching and Coursing Priority Group has released an incident book to help members of the public get the facts down and document

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Lead fallout

Sir Barney White-Spunner has resigned from the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) following what he called “abuses of process”. The executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance resigned in protest after the circulation of an unapproved report, which the majority of the

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Channel 4 stitch up gamekeepers

Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association, says he was stitched up by Channel 4 News in a report on wildlife crime. He told Modern Gamekeeping that the broadcasters: Asked the same question more than six times because they

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Country sports value to Scotland

New figures show that country sports visitors to Scotland spend £155milliion each year. ‘The Benefits and Volume and Value of Country Sports Tourism in Scotland’ report also shows country sport participants made 270,000 sporting trips to the country, which equated to

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Shooting worth £2bn

The value of shooting to the economy has been quantified in a new report from Cambridge-based Public and Corporate Economic Consultants (PACEC). ‘The Value of Shooting’ report reveals that shooting is worth £2bn to the economy, and supports the equivalent

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Illegal poisoning down in Scotland: year-on-year improvement

The number of birds reported as poisoned in Scotland has declined once again, as an annual report published by the RSPB shows. ‘The Illegal Killing of Birds of Prey in Scotland in 2012’ report showed that there were three birds

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