Angus gamekeepers saddened by kestrel death

Gamekeepers and estate staff in Angus have been left saddened by the death of a young kestrel they hoped could have been released back into the wild. The young bird of prey, affectionately named ‘Harry’, was spotted by a grouse beater

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Gamekeepers encouraging raptors in Angus

A new red kite nest, containing two healthy chicks, was discovered by a trainee gamekeeper on moorland in Glen Esk. Red kites have been steadily climbing in numbers in Scotland, since they were reintroduced in the 1980s from the Black Isle. 

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RSPB: pheasant shooting ‘good for some wildlife’

After frequently condemning the shooting industry for ‘the wanton destruction of birds’, the RSPB has admitted that shoot management can be ‘good for some wildlife’ after all. The charity has recently described the impact of shoots as ‘very positive’.   In a

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Making the message matter

Tim Bonner says that people who live and work in the countryside have a vital stake You would have thought that government policy on planning and development would have little to do with gamekeepers, shoot managers, and those of us

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Channel 4 stitch up gamekeepers

Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association, says he was stitched up by Channel 4 News in a report on wildlife crime. He told Modern Gamekeeping that the broadcasters: Asked the same question more than six times because they

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The enemy within

The RSPB Birdcrime report shows there are criminals among bird enthusiasts. Predator says it’s time they acted – while we have one of our own to deal with   This column doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to those

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Study supports both grouse and harriers

A report published by the University of Aberdeen outlines a model of management that supports the provision of hen harriers on grouse moors.  The study, which  involved grouse moor managers, ecologists, and conservationists, was led by Dr Steve Redpath, and showed that across the

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Scientific advances

Hen harriers and grouse can co-exist without grouse shoots suffering, claims a new report from Aberdeen University.

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M&S responds

Following the decision to take red grouse from supermarket shelves, Marks and Spencers has released an explanation citing low numbers of responsibly sourced grouse as the cause.

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M&S miss out grouse

Marks and Spencers have taken grouse off the shelves this year, as they were unable to secure “responsibly sourced” red grouse.

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